About Mollycoddlers Annonymous

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Mollycoddlers Annonymous is a blog where the mollycoddlers and mollycoddled alike can come to to find support, to commiserate, and to solve the problems of mollycoddling.

Mollycoddling is a dangerous form of love that usually backfires for most of the folks who try it. Yes, you want the best for your adult children and yes, you are willing to make sacrifices to get the best for your children including opening your home up to them.

We understand why you mollycoddle.

molly pic

But in the end, the mollycoddled feels resentful and judgmental of the mollycoddler and the mollycoddler is used and abused past the points of comfort and that warm fuzzy feeling is long gone. Mollycoddling always escalates to the ‘I can’t take this anymore’ feelings. All you were doing was trying to be nice, but nothing is ever enough.

girl smoking pot

Stop that mollycoddling today and find a trade. Everyone gets an upgrade.


1 thought on “About Mollycoddlers Annonymous”

  1. The Trade Explained:

    For three months, I will host your mollycoddled adult if you will host my mollycoddled adult child rent free for three months in your home.

    All she requires is a room with a door that is supplied with electricity and the shared use of your kitchen and bathroom.

    If the two trades behave well in their new environment, then an extension can be offered of an additional three months of shelter for a reduced weekly rent. In month four, the trade pays $25 a week, or leaves.

    In month five, the trade pays $50 a week or leaves.

    In month six, the trade pays $75 a week or leaves.

    In month seven, the trade just leaves.

    Now go be a Queen in your own castle, it’s all yours.

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